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Investment Planning Corporation (NSW) Pty Ltd does not offer refunds or returns on any of our services.

Our Registered Migration Agents are required to comply with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) Code of Conduct and as visa approval can only come from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) we cannot make any guarantee of success of any visa application.

IPC provides in every case an honest assessment and appropriate advice, and this may include feedback that highlights to a potential applicant that no options are available to them at a particular time.

However our advice is based on a reasonable and comprehensive assessment of a client's circumstances (using information provided to us through a client's Online Assessment, Online Consultation and CV/Resume) and assessed according to current Migration Laws and Regulations as well as relevant skills assessing authority information and guidelines, at the time of assessment.
Australian Migration Law and Regulations is in an area of constant change and therefore we cannot be held responsible should laws, regulations or policies be changed and adversely affect a client's position. However, acknowledging the changing nature of the laws and regulations, we do however ensure we inform clients at all times of material changes which may effect or alter the advice given and their resulting eligibility for migration.

If a client wishes to withdraw or discontinue with their application for an Australian visa or the applicants circumstances change, rendering them no longer able to qualify for the visa, we reserve the right to secure payment of our professional fees up to the point of withdrawal as per our Statement of Fees & Services [cost & services agreement.]

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